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My next step was to make a neck piece.
For this I used several pieces of gourds from my garden and

an empty spool of serger thread.

The neck piece was attached to the to the smaller end of the body with hot glue.

Since the body was hollow I needed to fill it somehow to give it strength.
I went to the hardware store and found a product called 'Great Stuff'.
It  is a foam insulation product and expands to three times it's size.

I cut an opening in the lower body and sprayed in two cans of the"Great Stuff".
It is terribly messy.
Here is what two cans worth did.

Here it is 24 hours later, after expanding.
"Great Stuff" really isn't meant to fill this large a cavity.
It dried on the outside faster than it did on the inside, causing some of the sticky, gooey product to be trapped inside.

This is a sketch of how I attached the body to the legs.
The idea........
Drill a hole in the top of the body as a starter and stick a dowel rod all the way through.
Next, drill a hole in the leg frame.
Attach the two together with the dowel rod.
This gave enough stability to hold the two together until I could add more layers of papier mache'.

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