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I worked a little more on his head, and added outer eyes, nostrils and a small crest

I wanted to add some feathers to the head and wings so I made some smaller ones.

I cut strips of Lame' 1 3/4 " x 10." As with the other feathers, this was cut with the weft threads going across and the warp threads going up and down.

I ran a bead of 'Tacky Glue' down the selvage and smoothed it out with my finger.

I then laid the 'feather' on plastic wrap to dry.

The glue stopped the lame' from fraying and was tacky enough to stick when I wrapped it.

When the glue was dry, I frayed the feathers up to the glue line.

I folded a 12" pipe cleaner in half for added strength, then wrapped the frayed Lame' strip around the pipe cleaner.
I did 48 of these

To attach the head feathers, I took a metal skewer and made some holes in his head and wings.

Here is the "Firdemu with his new head feathers

The finished "Firdemu"

Here he is in the backyard with Nick and the "Whatever"

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