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Hats Off To Dorothy
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“Hats Off To Dorothy” was conceived out of the desire of The Artist Of Windmore to honor the memory of a dear friend and fellow artist, Dorothy Skelton. We decided upon a 3 dimensional piece of art that would incorporate Dorothy in our exhibits. We also wanted to use some of the wonderful hats that Dorothy had created over the years. I was entrusted  with the creation of a whimsical sculpture to pay tribute to Dorothy.
The sculpture is made of Papier Mache’ and found objects. It took approximately three months to create. I  used bright colours to represent Dorothy’s joyful spirit and included a ‘Van Gogh’ like background to represent her dedication to the arts. There is no doubt that Dorothy would find great pleasure in this whimsical tribute to her.

I hope you enjoy watching my creation unfold.

I made the frame out of 30 year old crown molding that I found in the attic.
Since the molding was plain I hot glued five rows of dowel rods on the edges of the frame.
The base for "Dorothy" is foam core board.

Here is a close up of the crown molding and the dowel rods.

Next I took spackling and filled in all the gaps.

After the base was constructed I applied multiple layers of papier mache' strips to both back and front.
I did alternate layers of 20 lb brown craft paper and 20 lb white butchers paper. This allowed me full coverage of each layer.

Once the 'frame' was dry I started on the construction.
For the base of the head I cheated and used a dummy head.
Her shoulders and bosom are "air bags" that come in packaging..

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