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"I've never seen a purple cow
I never hope to see one
But I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one."
-- Gelett Burgess, 1895

The purple cow became famous in a short humorous verse written by Gelett Burgess in 1895. Today the essence of the Purple Cow
is a sense of something out of the ordinary. Something different. Something remarkable. Something unique.

Please join me as I create my version of the "Purple Cow".

For the body base I used recycled styrofoam packing materials I had saved from a variety of places.

Using a low-temp glue gun I attached several pieces of styrofoam together to form a basic body shape.

The head shape was also formed from several pieces of styrofoam then attached with a low-temp glue gun. The legs are 2" PVC pipe which have been glued to the body.

Using a "Hot Wire" styrofoam cutter I formed the basic shape of the head.

Since this is a large piece it  needs a stable base to protect the legs. Using screws and washers, PVC slip caps were secured to a half inch piece of plywood then the the PVC pipes were fitted into the caps. This was then glued and several layers of papier mache' strips were applied.

I did some basic shaping on the legs and body using a variety of materials. To add form to the legs I used foam insulation that is manufactured to insulate plumbing pipes. For the udder I used pieces of large balloons that I'd covered in about 10 to 12 layers of papier mache' strips. Then  I attached it with masking tape. Now it was ready for the first coat of papier mache' strips.

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