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After four coats of papier mache' strips I now have a basic form to work from and am ready to add some shaping.

First I increased the girth of the cow and added shape to the back legs and udder. Several more layers of papier mache' strips were applied over the new additions.

To make the bones protrude I glued foam insulation along the top and sides then ran some coaxial cable on top. For the shoulder and hip bones I used styrofoam balls.

Four layers of papier mache' strips were then applied over  the "bones".

Next I began shaping the body and upper legs with pieces of styrofoam and foam insulation. More layers of papier mache' strips were then applied.

While the layers were drying I started to work on the hoofs and teats. For the teats I used foam insulation and plastic beads. This was then covered with masking tape and three layers of strip mache'  using  shop towels instead of paper. The shop towels are similar to paper towels but much stronger. They are  more flexible than paper and do not require as many layers for strength.

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