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When the paper had dried I arranged it in color order then began to apply it to the cow using small ripped pieces and Mod Podge as an adhesive.
For the tail and the head fringe I used an unraveled piece of marine rope.
MooTilda’s eyelashes and upper part of the tail are made from a fabric called Lame’.
(She finally has a name)
MooTlda’s halter is made of velvet on which I embroidered four daisies. The cow bell was a donation from my Mom.

I started this piece in February 2008 and logged in a total of 483 working hours.
MooTilda’s debut was at Culpeper Fest in Culpeper Virginia where she won a first place ribbon. Her second appearance was at The Village Framework and Gallery where she was the Mascot for the Artist Of  Windmore  art show “Why Not A Purple Cow?” She has been featured in several newspaper articles and has made a cameo appearance on television.

I hope you have enjoyed watching my creation of MooTilda and that the process has inspired you to  create your own papier mache work of art.

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