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"Papier Mache' Rain Maker"

About 15 years ago my daughter was given a rain stick made from a cactus.
During a move the rain stick became damaged and rather than throw it out I decided to fix it. As I was working on it I thought, "Hey I could make one of these out of a papier mache’". So I came up with a plan.
The odd thing is that every time I make one of these, it rains.
So mine are called Rain Makers.

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Cardboard tube
Wallpaper Paste
Brown Paper, 20 lb. weight or heavier
White Paper, 20 lb. weight or heavier
Aquarium Gravel or
Wooden Skewers
Metal Skewers or gimlet
Masking tape

Acrylic Paint

First I marked my tube with a black marker, tracing the oblique line on the cylinder.
Next, with a red marker, I drew a line running alone side the first line as shown in the photo.

Next I made holes in the tube using a metal skewer or gimlet with a handle on it. 
I poked the gimlet through the tube on the black line keeping it horizontal and came out the other side on the red line every 1 1/2 inches.

Top view

Next I took wooden skewers and stuck them through the tube keeping them perpendicular to the tube and coming out the other side so that they form a spiral.

The reason for putting the skewers in a spiral is that the gravel will gently fall down the length of the tube bouncing off the skewers making a sound similar to rain.

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