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With masking tape, I covered all the holes around the tube as well as the ends.

Now I was ready to apply the Papier Mache' strips.

Paste Recipe
2 rounded Tablespoons of dry wheat paste.
1 Cup water.
Aprox. 1 1/2 Tablespoons white glue.
In a plastic container sprinkle paste over water, mix, let thicken (1 min.) add white glue and additional water if necessary. The consistency should be like heavy cream.

Tear paper into strips along the grain.
2 inch wide strips are good for large flat surfaces.
For areas such as corners and curves the strips may need to be as narrow as 1/4 inch or less
Dip paper strips into paste.
Squeeze off excess paste and begin applying.
Press strips down to smooth out any air bubbles.

I allow each layer to dry before applying the next coat and
alternate colours to make sure I'm getting complete coverage.

The number of layers I do depends on the thickness of both the paper and the tube.

I did eight layers for this one.

When all layers are completely dry I apply one or two coats of Gesso.

Then paint with acrylic paint.

My finished Rain Makers

Some closeups


Here's proof that mine worked!

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