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I tore my paper into strips along the grain.
2 inch wide strips are good for large flat surfaces.
For areas such as corners and curves the strips may need to be as narrow as 1/4 inch or less.

I dipped the  paper strips into the paste, squeezing off excess paste.
Beginning with the joints I began applying my first layer, making sure to press the strips down to smooth out any air bubbles. 
I covered the entire piece both back and front. 
I alternated layers of white and brown paper allowing for each layer to dry before applying the next. 
Each layer takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to dry depending on the temperature and the humidity.
The foamboard will melt, releasing toxic fumes.
4 layers should suffice on the foamboard and wood but more may be necessary in the joints.

Here is the finished base ready for the next step.
Notice how the strips overlapped and  are going in varied directions.

The two paintings I chose to base my piece on are,  'Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear' painted in 1889 and
'The Starry Night' 
also painted in 1889.

I did a brief sketch then transferred my sketch to the dry Papier Mache' base using a felt tip marker.

I glued styrofoam packaging peanuts over my drawing, adding height where desired.

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